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Access doodles on various subjects

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Create doodle video animations

Create animated content, training videos and engaging presentations. Or put animation in your students hands so they can demonstrate what they have learned via visual story telling.

How it works

scribbleo provides a marketplace of illustrations on a wide range of subjects being taught across the curriculum, from science and history through to geography, art and design. As well as business themed illustrations covering health and safety, marketing, finance and leadership.

Create animations with a a unique set of animation tools that combines doodle and motion animation controlled by a powerful timeline and keyframe editor. This means you are able to ‘draw in’ art then animate this further with scale, position and transparency effects.

Watch this example video, put together by a class of Key Stage 3 students in conjunction with the Charles Dickens Museum, London.

Delve into the world of Dickens, get creative and tell your story!

We have added over 100 beautiful illustrations based on Charles Dickens and the Pea Souper! These are FREE for you to use and create your own animated stories.

During the 19th century Charles Dickens wrote about the dense fog that surrounded London often referred to as pea-soupers. Dickens used his novels as a way of raising public awareness and often touched on poverty and climate issues.

We have created this example script to give you inspiration!

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Are you an educator?

Engage with students like never before, using the power of animation. Access our growing library of ‘Creative Learning Packs’ for education or create your own!

Encourage more engagement within classes, allowing students to demonstrate what they have learnt by creating their own animation. You can create an education account, setup teacher permissions, assign students and create projects.

With an education account you can:

  • Create an account
  • Assign staff members*
  • Create groups / classes*
  • Assign team members /students*
  • Create animation projects
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Are you a business?

If you are looking for a solution that gives you a creative edge, scribbleo allows you to combine doodle style animation with motion graphic animation.

You can create engaging content to use within your marketing and social media campaigns. Or engage with your staff in a more entertaining way, creating company policies, health and safety or training videos.

With a business account you can:

  • Create engaging video content
  • Access a growing library of creative resources
  • Create animations for marketing, Health & Safety training, HR and internal policies
  • Manage internal groups/departments*
  • Assign staff and team members*

If you want to unleash your own creativity further, you can import your SVG art from your favourite vector drawing apps.

Adobe illustrator
Gravit Designer

Powerful animation tools

  • FREE to use, no lengthy subscriptions, upgrade and downgrade at any time.
  • Create videos quickly with ‘auto animate’ or delve deeper into more advanced animation tools.
  • Create custom sizes up to 4k animated videos.
  • Output your video as PNG sequences with Alpha or MP4 Video
  • Access nearly 1000 Fonts from the Google font library
  • Connects to Google Voice – Automatically convert your written text to voice over audio*.
  • Help & Support – A growing community along with helpful video tutorials
  • Browser based app suitable for Mac, PC and tablets*

Become a doodle artist!

Are you a digital artist looking to make more money? Then become a scribbler today! – This allows you to create your own amazing animated videos, you will also have access to our growing community of scribblers; creating amazing artwork that can be sold and used by video creators on the scribbleo platform.

If you are interested in becoming a scribbler and creating artwork for our software, then complete this form and let us know a bit about you.

*scribbleo FREE version has limited features and functionality. It allows you access to a wide range of basic but powerful animation features, which allow you to create great videos. Additionally when you export videos they will include our scribbleo watermark and you are limited to 1280x720p resolution videos. For greater functionality, and higher resolution videos, without the watermark, we recommend upgrading to the PRO version of scribbleo. Please note some features are still in development.