Alpha release is soon upon us

At its core scribbleo has been designed to enable you to turn vector SVG files into animated videos, giving the illusion of a hand drawing in the lines; just as you would if you used a camera to film yourself drawing in timelapse.

This style of video is known typically as whiteboard videos, scribes or doodle videos. Most software on the market today provides a fake and unreal looking ‘reveal’ of the artwork or is clunky and restrictive to use.

This makes the software clunky and slow to use and the end results are very ‘cheap’ and unconvincing, especially for professional use videos. 

Scribbleo follows the lines exactly and in the order they were originally drawn to ensure the final animation is as life-like as possible. Scribbleo also gives you finite control on the timing of lines, so you can pause whenever you want and restart the drawing.

We also copy across your layer structure within the SVG file, so you can control every layer, with control over when it is drawn in and whether it is drawn in, faded in or moved.

If you just want to simply drop a drawing into your video and choose when to draw this in and for how long for, this is very quick and simple to achieve. But if you want more control you can drill in deeper into the more advanced animation tools and create keyframes to control drawing speed and timing.

For example you can animate rotation, scale, drawing and transparency all at the same time if you so wished. You can even un-draw an item to give the impression of being erased.

You can choose at any point which hand or pen to use when drawing out lines, giving you finite control on what is displayed, and allowing for multiple hands to be used within your animation.