We’re looking to build a community of artists, do you want in?

Become a scribbler today.

We are looking to build a community of artist that can provide amazing and creative art that can be used by our scribbleo video content creators.

By becoming a scribbler, you will be able to upload your high quality SVG art to the scribbleo marketplace and earn revenue from its’ sales.

When you upload your SVG art, you can decide if you want to make this available for FREE or if you want to earn from downloads.

Our scribbleo marketplace works on a credit system, so content creators purchase credits that they can then use to buy art that artists like yourself have created within the marketplace.

Each piece of artwork can be made available for FREE or from 1 to 5 credits, depending on how complex the artwork was to create and how you feel you want to value your work. Obviously work that is available for less credits is more likely to be downloaded more often, but the choice is yours!

Every time one of our scribbleo users purchases your art with credits, you will receive royalty fees*. So the more creative and higher quality your work, the more likely your sales will be higher. This also means the same image can be sold multiple times, so the revenues can soon start to stack up!

Additionally – we are also building an image request feature, so video creators can request specific artwork, then the community of artist can respond. This hopefully brings exciting opportunities to establish additional revenues.

We are still fine-tuning how everything will work, but if you are interested in being part of this exciting opportunity, then subscribe to our newsletter, to ensure you are updated when the marketplace for artists becomes available.

*Royalty fees are currently proposed at 80% of the credits value.