Doodle video animation software that rocks!

We’re getting pretty excited about where we are heading with our doodle animation software.

We’ve been working hard as always fine tuning features ready for the Alpha release, which is any day now!

We really do believe that our doodle animation software or whiteboard animation software if you want to call it that, offers features that just don’t exist in other systems.

And this is just the beginning! We have some great animation features we intend to add, but it just takes time – after all we are only a small team. Not an excuse just a reality of where we currently are at the moment.

But we won’t let that hold us back, we’re more motivated than ever to produce animation software that bridges the gap between whiteboard and doodle video animations and simple motion graphic animation.

In our latest round of updates, we have added the ability to add audio tracks. Which can be viewed in the timeline and moved! 

Additionally we have added the ability to group artwork together, create groups in groups, so you can animate a group. This is perfect for controlling a scene transition or moving a more complex group of artwork that you have already animated individually!

We are really looking forward to what you will create with our animation software.

Stay tuned!

Head on over to the Alpha release update page.