Choose the FREE version or go PRO for £15 per month


  • Upload your own artwork.
  • Access to the marketplace.
  • Animate artwork at top level only.
  • Animation Preview.
  • Timeline with keyframe animation.
  • Add keyframes and control drawing style, scale, skew, position, opacity, drawing item/pen.
  • Small watermark on all video renders.
  • Render at 720p SD resolution

STANDARD £7 per month.

  • All the features of FREE plus:
  • Removes watermark on video renders.
  • Ability to create top level groups
  • Export video to 1080p.
  • Low monthly cost with no long term commitment.
  • Upgrade and downgrade as you wish (monthly basis).

PRO £15 per month.

  • All the features of STANDARD plus:
  • Animate individual sub-layers.
  • Export video to 1080p, 4k and custom sizes.
  • Ability to create sub-groups and animate these.
  • Low monthly cost with no long term commitment.
  • Downgrade as you wish (monthly basis).

Overview of features

The only whiteboard doodle software with keyframe editing to mix draw-in doodle styles with motion animation, unleashing a whole new level of creativity and control.

  • Choose Artwork from a constantly growing library of artwork.
  • We’re building a community of artist to help support your content creation.
  • Make artwork requests and let the community go to work*
  • Easily create or duplicate projects and choose from over 25 size templates.
  • Auto Animate Artwork when added to project.
  • Add and edit multiple animation keyframes to control drawing-in, scale, rotation, position, skew, opacity.
  • Duplicate Artwork, group Artwork, then animate groups.
  • Control the canvas camera to create more dynamic scene transitions and animations.
  • Easily add text and choose from over 1400 Google font styles, size and line height.
  • Auto animate, type in text or animate the type-in effect, opacity, position and scale.
  • Auto extend video to length of Audio.
  • Add multiple Audio tracks and control position in timeline.
  • A transparent development roadmap with a host of new features planned.


  • FREE to use, no lengthy subscriptions, upgrade to Pro features at any time
  • The most advanced animated drawings tools on the market
  • Create videos quickly or delve deeper into more advanced animation tools.
  • Create custom sizes up to 4k animated videos.
  • Output your video as PNG sequences with Alpha or MP4 Video
  • Access over 1400 Fonts from the Google font library
  • Connects to Google Voice – Automatically convert your written text to voice over audio*.
  • Help & Support – A growing community along with helpful video tutorials
  • Available on Mac, PC and tablets*


  • Upload your own SVG or PNG artwork
  • Search and use our growing library of quality artwork
  • Easily create projects and name them
  • Duplicate projects and rename
  • Set the length of your project and size
  • Choose from 720, 1080, 4K, Social media formats and Custom canvas sizes
  • Add multiple keyframes to any layer to control drawing style, scale, skew, position, opacity, drawing item/pen.
  • Control the anchor point to your artwork for more fine tuned control over movement
  • Quick and easy click and drag keyframes or artwork in timeline to change timing via group or individual keyframe
  • Imported SVG artwork displays the same layer structure allowing you to edit each layer individually for full control
  • Add multiple ‘resources’ to your project such as Audio and ‘hands/pens’.
  • Add multiple text content and choose from nearly 1000 fonts.
  • Choose whether to fade in or type text.
  • Upload and add artwork to your project or search our growing library of stock artwork created specifically for Scribbleo users.
  • Preview animation at any time from any point in your timeline
  • Zoom in and out of the timeline for more accurate editing
  • Various zoom and scale tools to give you control over your canvas
  • Enable and view guides, rulers and grids.
  • Customise canvas grids and safe zones
  • Enable and disable snapping for more accurate alignment


* Please note – that scribbleo is still in development and some features may be subject to change or not currently available within the current release.

At its core scribbleo has been designed to enable you to turn vector SVG files* into animated videos, giving the illusion of a hand drawing in the lines; just as you would if you used a camera to film yourself drawing in time lapse.

This style of video is known typically as whiteboard videos, scribes or doodle videos. Most software on the market today provides a fake and unreal looking ‘reveal’ of the artwork or is clunky and restrictive to use. This makes the software slow to use and the end results are very ‘cheap’ looking and unconvincing, especially for professional use videos.