Free Doodle Video Software

Have you been looking for FREE Doodle Video Software?

It’s true that scribbleo whiteboard and doodle video software provides an entry level FREE version. And like with may software this is a natural upgrade path to a more advanced paid version with professional advanced whiteboard animation and doodle video animating tools.

First of all I want to start by exploring some of the terminology used within the explainer video industry. In some countries the style of video scribbleo caters for is often referred to as whiteboard video software or whiteboard explainer videos. In other countries they are called Doodle videos, or doodle explainer videos.

In reality both doodle videos and whiteboard videos are pretty much the same thing.

So to clarify, a doodle video and whiteboard video is where you watch a doodle, drawing or illustration being drawn out before your eyes, revealing the final image. This doesn’t always mean there is. Hand with a pen in view, sometimes there is no hand the lines just ‘reveal’ themselves magically ion-screen.

This style doodle and whiteboard video animation, is very captivating, as it present the user with the ‘big reveal’. It builds anticipation and therefore keeps the users attention while they watch the doodles being drawn out.

Is scribbleo truly a FREE doodle video software package?

Well yes, it is free – there is no need to part with any payment information to start using our software. The FREE version is not limited to any numbers of days, it’s free to use for as long as you need. But as with anything in life you get what you pay for. And with the FREE version of scribbleo, there are limitations, so let’s explore what this means.

Within the FREE version of scribbleo, our class leading doodle video software and whiteboard video software, you are able to create stunning whiteboard videos and doodle videos.

Within the FREE version, any video renders that you produce will carry the watermark of scribbleo. As part of the licence agreement when using the FREE version of our scribbleo software, the watermark must be displayed at all times. We are sure users will find many creative ways to circumvent this, but remember that the watermark is a requirement of the user licence. If you remove the watermark, you are breaking the terms of this agreement and therefore using scribbleo illegally.

This means any content supplied to clients as paid work, and you have tried to remove the watermark from view, you are effectively producing them without a licence and you are putting your clients at risk of legal action. 

This is not something you should be overly concerned about if you are happy to make use of scribbleo to produce your own doodle videos and whiteboard videos, as the watermark is small and should not interfere with the quality of your video.

In addition to the watermark, we have restricted the video render size to standard video resolution of 720p video. We have also restricted some of the animation tools;

You will be able to import artwork and animate this, you will be ale to rotate, scale, draw in, draw out and create amazing animated video content. But you are restricted to the main top level of artwork structure. Let us explain….

Most vector SVG artwork created in Adobe illustrator can be played so the line elements can be separate from the colour areas and so on. It also means the artist can create more complex layer structure and artwork to produce the final results.

The scribbleo animation software takes this SVG layer information and allows you to animate each layer independently. This feature is only viable in the PRO paid monthly version. But what this gives you access to, is the power to animate each layer individually.

So this means you can control exactly how long it takes to draw in certain elements and in what order. For example you may choose to animate the colour layer in first then draw the lines onto of this afterwards. The choices are endless – and this features provides the powerful doodle video animation toolset on the market today.

Why should I upgrade to the PRO paid version of scribbleo.

Our doodle video animation software and whiteboard video software provides class leading animations features. Put simply, you can do things in scribbleo that just simply isn’t possible in a single animation package provided by other software such as Videoscribe or Doodly.

In fact many of our competitors approach the animation process in a very different way, this in itself has limitations which we have managed to avoid with our approach. Allowing you, the users, to have more control over your doodle animations and whiteboard videos.

We believe our monthly charge for using the full toolset offers remarkable value. With the advantage that you can stop and start at any time on a month-by-month basis. We believe so strongly in what our animation software has to offer, that we don’t feel it necessary to tie you into any long term contracts.

We have also avoided the ‘one off’ price to buy once and use forever. We believe this restricts how we wish to develop scribbleo, constantly looking at ways to add new powerful features and build our marketplace with cool new artwork for you to use.

So give scribbleo FREE doodle video software and FREE whiteboard video software a go today, you won’t regret it.