Free software to animate whiteboard videos

Surely not !? Well yes – scribbleo is most certainly free, and here we’ll explain exactly what this means.

FREE animation software

When we started developing scribbleo we wanted to be able to provide a solution that allowed people to create great looking professional animated videos. But rather than forcing you into paying an annual subscription or a ‘free 30 day trial period’.

We felt the best approach was to provide a FREE version, with no strings attached with the upgrade to a more feature rich advanced RPO version at any time.

The FREE animation software we provide does have some limitations compared to the PRO version, but we tried to keep things fair and you can still create amazing looking videos, and have access to a set of powerful video animation tools. 

What is included in Scribbleo’s FREE animation software

For more information you can check out our features page which gives a breakdown of what is possible in scribbleo FREE and scribbleo PRO.

Our main focus within the FREE animation software was to provide the essential tools to easily and quickly add artwork to a project and animate this using the drawing animation tools.

You are able to animate artwork at using keyframe animation to control when you want the drawing animation to start and finish.

You can import SVG drawings or create your own SVG drawings in software like Adobe Illustrator. There are guidelines to follow to make this a smooth transition between the two softwares, but otherwise importing SVG artwork is quick and simple.

When you export your video project, within the FREE animated software version you are limited to just 1280x720p resolution videos. Plus we include a small watermark in the corner of the video to let people know what great software was used to create the video.

If you want to remove the watermark, or create higher resolution videos scubas 4k video, then simply upgrade to the PRO version at any time.

Our hope is that once you have experienced the FREE version and realised its power, that upgrading to the PRO version is a natural step and one you know with confidence brings real benefit to your video production.

Why not download your FREE copy of scribbleo today!