6 Simple steps to help create your first animated video with scribbleo.

We have designed scribbleo to make it easy for users to understand. The user interface is intuitive and simple, making it quick and easy to start creating amazing animated explainer videos. As well as these 6 simple steps below, we have created video tutorials to help you get the most from our software. Simply click on the relevant picture to play a video.

Gravit Designer

Step 1. Download the scribbleo app and install on your computer.

You can download scribbleo from here.

Step 2. Create your Artwork in Adobe illustrator.

In this video we show a simple example of how to create artwork ready for use in scribbleo. Of course you dont have to create artwork in this way, as there is a growing library of images already available within scribbleo.

Step 3. Import or choose your Artwork.

Once you launch scribbleo you will be presented with the project screen where you can create your first project.  First of all we recommend clicking on the ‘Asset’ link to either choose artwork from our growing stock library or upload your own vector SVG or PNG files.

Formatting the vector SVG file correctly will really help get the most from our animation software. We have provided useful tutorials and guidance on how to setup your SVG file. If however, you are new to animation and creating vector art, we recommend initially using artwork form our stock library so you can become familiar with how this works.

Step 4. Creating your first project.

Once you have imported or selected your artwork you can then start to create your first project. Simply click on the ‘new project’ button to start.

On the project page you will be presented with a blank canvas. On the left hand side you will see you can give your project a name and an optional description. Here you can also enter the length of video and choose what resolution and frame rate you wish to make the video. Some of these features may be limited, and are only available in the PRO version.

Once you have given you project a name, and set the resolution – hit the ‘save project’ button, you can then start to add the artwork to the project.

Step 5. Adding Artwork to the project.

Click on the ‘Artwork’ tab in the top left hand corner of the screen. Within this tab you can click on the ‘add artwork button which will show you the library of artwork you have currently imported or chosen form the scribbleo stock library.

You can select multiple artwork simply by clicking on them. Once you have chosen all the artwork you want for your project click add. You will now see the artwork appears as a list under your artwork tab.

From this tab you will see you can also control the hierarchy of the artwork to control what artwork appears on top or bottom. You can also duplicate the artwork to use multiple times in your project and delete it.

Step 6. Animation.

You can select the artwork you wish to animate by either clicking on it within the canvas area, or by selecting the artwork in the ‘artwork’ tab.

Once you have your artwork selected, click on the ‘Properties’ tab – this is where you will find all the animation controls in one tidy area.

You will see next to each property there is a keyframe marker, every single element that you see here with a marker means you can animate this property. So you have full control over position, scale, rotation, skew and opacity along with key framing when to start and end a drawing and which drawing pen/object. In addition there are handy control tools such as moving the anchor point of the artwork so you can control the point in which things rotate or animate from, and flip X, Y axis. 

We have created several videos that explore each property in more detail, so we highly recommend you head over to the tutorial area and give these a quick watch to get you up-to-speed faster.

Gravit Designer

Render your Animation.

Once you have finished animating your project you can click on the ‘Project’ tab and from here you will see a ‘Render Animation’ button. Also it is worth remaining you at this point to save your work!

When you click the render animation button, this opens a window where you can choose whether you want to render to video (MP4) or save as a PNG image sequence. The PNG image sequence provides the benefit of being on an alpha background so you can integrate the sequence into other animating , compositing software. But for now let’s keep things simple and export as a straight forward MP4 video.

Click the ‘Start Render’ button and this will then ask where you want to save the video. Choose a location to save then click render. You will see a progress bar count up from zero to 100% complete.

Your video is now finished!

Using scribbleo and need support?

Open a Support ticket via support@scribbleo.com