Keep it fresh, with a totally new approach to doodle animation. 

Video is without doubt the most engaging form of visual content. A simple Google search on the subject will show endless studies and reports showing video content stimulates all the senses, making your message more memorable.

This means video, without question, should form part of your business strategy, whether you intend to use video in your marketing, for training or education. 

The next challenge is to take an approach that helps you stand out form the crowd. Products such as Canva, have made it very easy to create simple videos and imagery. But these sorts of services can only go so far and can often look very ’template’.

Doodle style videos tend to be more playful in their appearance, which is a great way of looking approachable and presenting your brand in a fresh way.

The style can take a dull subject and make it look far more engaging than any other approach.  

So when you mix doodle style animations with motion graphic animations, well  – things really do then come alive. Mixing these 2 styles is an incredible powerful way of engaging with your viewers. Watching an image being drawn-in captivates the viewer. 

When you then add motion graphic animations to this, you open up a whole new world of creativity and story telling.

This means you can create truly original content that stands out and engages in more ways than something like Canva.

With scribbleo, we have also been careful to not over-complicate the animation process. Many dedicated motion animation software are overly complicated for the average casual user, they also tend to be more expensive.

Same can be said for typical whiteboard and doodle software offerings, these tend to be too simple, and only allow you draw in an image then move on. With no ability to overlap animations or animate further such as scale, position etc.

To truly appreciate what scribbleo has to offer, simply download and use for free. If you like what you see then upgrade at any time to access more features.