Our Development Road Map

Below as an overview of our development roadmap. We are currently just a small team but we have great things we want to achieve with scribbleo. We have also included a page where you are able to VOTE on features, to help us prioritise which features we look to develop first, you can vote here.

Our Roadmap

MacOS Version

We have developed scribbleo to be as device agnostic as possible. So the intention is to make this available on as many platforms as possible. The MacOS is next priority as we appreciate there is a large community of creatives using Mac’s. This should hopefully be a speedy process and the Mac version will be available as a high priority.

iOS and Android Versions

The Mac iOS and Android devices are our next priority as we appreciate there is a large community of creatives tablets. Again, as we have designed scribbleo to be as device agnostic as possible, this will hopefully be a smooth and quick development stage, and woudl hope to have iOS and Android downloads available early 2023.

More Refined Colour Control

We intend to add colour wheels/sliders so that users have greater control over the colour selection. Currently you can enter colour values for the background of the canvas, this will be updated so you can also add a texture overlay or background image to create cool paper background effects.

All areas that make use of colour will have a new colour slider/wheel and allow you to pick colours in a more user friendly way. Additionally you will be able to set default colours that can easily be selected.

All SVG artwork that you import into the canvas will have the ability for you to change the colour of the line artwork and each individual colour being used in the artwork itself. This means if you wanted a blue line with just light blue shading, but the artwork is black and grey – then you can simply change these colours. This will help make your videos even more unique. 

Artwork Marketplace

The plan has always been to provide a marketplace that allows artist to create illustrations that can be used with Scribbleo, and in return allow them to earn revenues from the art they create. The benefit of this means it will allow the marketplace to grow quicker, providing a fresher and more diverse variety of art that video creators can use within their animations.

The plan is to roll out an update to the marketplace, where artists will be able to upload their art to the marketplace and earn money from their art being used in videos.

The marketplace will be using a ‘buy credits’ system to transact, so users can buy credits and then spend credits on art to use in their videos. The artist in return will get a percentage commission fee for art used. 

Animation Presets

As we mix doodle animation with motion graphic animation, we want to create a library of animation ‘presets’ you can use to create quicker and more impressive looking animations. This will include things like pre-set animation to ‘bounce’ an item, or ‘spin’.

We also intend to look at providing animation paths that can be enabled so you can have more finer control over the movement of your animation.

More Control over PNG Bitmap Images

We will be adding more options and animation presets when dealing with PNG bitmap images. This will allow you to draw in the PNG file in a way that looks professional and creative. This will also utilise overlay effects so you can create really cool looking video content.

Text to Voice 

We are looking at working with a 3rd party like Google to allow the ability to enter text into our system and convert this into a VoiceOver. You will be able to choose form multiple voices and languages. And as this emerging technology evolves we intend to develop more and more features along side this.

Drawing Hands

The intention was always to create a more refined way to import and manage your ‘doodle hands’. We will be creating a specific area where you can customise a hand between male, female, colour tones and type of pen as well as change colour of pen as you wish. You can then save this to your library to use in projects. This allows huge flexibility to help keep your videos looking unique.

*We are keeping a close eye on the emerging use of AI generated art, and will be looking at ways we can utilise this into scribbleo to help you create even more engaging video content.