Scribbleo Alpha launch is here!

The wait is over! Scribbleo alpha is now available to download for PC and start using. You can download scribbleo for PC from here:

All the features of PRO have been enabled, so you can play with animating top level artwork and sub-layer artwork. You can create groups and animate both artwork and groups. Import audio and export your videos as MP4.

We recommend you start by watching some of our short introduction videos here:

This will take you through the basics, we also recommend you start following us on social media for regular updates, in particular we intend to add more regular videos to our YouTube channel here:

We have added a small selection of SVG artwork to our marketplace, which you are free to download and use. Have fun experimenting with the animation tools.

And importantly we welcome your feedback! As this is an early Alpha release there is of course some things we have yet to include and you may experience the odd issue. 

Although we have worked hard to test this internally, we really do hope your experience is enjoyable.