This is Leo, our little mascot character

This is Leo, we thought it would be good to introduce him to the world, as you are going to see him having around quite a bit! 

His name was taken from the last 3 letters of our scribbleo software, so no in-depth back story or amazing thought process, it was simply starring at us straight away when we were deciding on a name.

But why did we even bother having a mascot character?

When we were in the very early stages of designing scribbleo, we wanted to make sure it retained an element of fun. Both in terms of our work ethic and way we have built the software, we wanted to avoid things being to corporate and stuffy.

The whiteboard animation software we have created is all about creating engaging content. Whether tis is for social marketing campaigns, internal training videos or for education. The main purpose is to engage with people.

When using scribbleo we wanted the user to feel at home, and at ease. We wanted to create a user interface that was intuitive and friendly so the user could get on with creating fun videos rather than get bogged down with trying to understand features.

AS with any whiteboard video software or doodle animation software, there is of course, if you dig deeper more complex features. But they only exists if you need them. In it’s simplest form you can import artwork form the library choose where you want to start the drawing in and where you want it to end, and bang! You have your first animated content.

So Leo was created to use mainly in our marketing, to bring a friendly face to our brand and our whiteboard video software. We certainly didn’t want to use our faces, as that would have been a sure fire way to get people running to the hills.

What plans do we have for Leo?

Well, as mentioned above, we intend on using him whenever and wherever we can in our marketing. We are currently in the process of getting some T-Shirts printed up with the cheeky little chaps face on it. 

It may have seemed odd, to dedicate a whole blog article too little Leo, but he is an important member of our team, and as such we wanted to make sure our users knew he has an important place in our hearts.

If not already, download and try scribbleo, it’s free after all so you have nothing lose – and compared to the competition, it should blow you away with what is possible.